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We make complex trading simple

Tired of feeling frustrated trading manually and trying to choose what equity to buy/sell or even worse trying to "time" the market, only to lose over and over again? Emotions in the financial markets can trigger gambler's mindset via a physiological effect by releasing a chemical in the brain called, Dopamine. Although this is naturally recurring chemical in the brain, too much of it can cause the brain to be addicted to a specific activity that in this case, manually trading by continuing a non-stop streak of poor decision making due to emotional "buying" or "selling". This is why if a trader makes a winning trade, but then takes a loss they succumb to the dreaded "Revenge Trading" or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in which this cycle repeats itself over and over until the trader blows up there account.  This is why, at Algo Forex Trading Signals, we focus on developing consistent and robust trading strategies. Which have averaged an extremely high rate of return from 2008---one of the worst financial periods in history--to 2023.

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